Why Do People Waste Money Playing the Lottery?

08 Nov

Whether it is the United Kingdom, or the rest of the world, a pretty good chunk of people are addicted to playing lotteries, even though most of them never win anything major throughout their entire lives. On the other hand, around ninety nine percent of the people who win something from the National Lottery games in the UK re-participate in them, being convinced of another win.

The most obvious reason of why people participate in these lotteries is because its reward could potentially be enough to last several generations. According to statistics, around forty percent of Brits spend 416 pounds each on lotteries every year. With the odds of winning being one in fourteen million, it is mind-boggling how so many people still buy a lottery ticket or a scratch card.

To answer the question, we have listed some of the reasons why people tend to invest in this industry despite their overwhelming odds of losing.

The ‘Near Miss Effect’

A Near Miss effect is one of the most common reasons why people buy a lottery ticket for the second time. It simply states that you feel you were too close to winning, and that is why you need to try your luck again. This effect is so drastic and so powerful that you have already bought a lottery ticket several times before understanding what you have fallen prey to.

Failure of Comprehension

For the most part of human history, we were not required to solve complex probabilities. This is another reason why our brains fail to comprehend the weight of probability, “one in fourteen million”. Research tells us that most people think of such probabilities as ‘1 in 100,000’, the odds of which don’t sound as bad. It is only when we ponder on it that we realise how bad our actual odds of winning are.

Availability Bias

This is when we overestimate the likelihood of a certain event based on our confined range of experiences. In other words, people do not think about the millions who have lost the lottery. Instead, they hear of one or two of the people in their circle who have won it, and take the entire decision thinking about them. This phenomenon is called the Availability Bias.

The High-Return

Another key reason why most people tend to waste their money playing the lottery is that they only think of the extremely low investment as opposed to the enormous return they could get for it. While it is fair to bet on your luck, you shouldn’t ignore the probability of your win—which is extremely low. In fact, investing that money in a savings account gives you a far higher chance of earning a profit than a lottery does.

Before you invest your money in buying a lottery ticket and putting your money on a stake that is likely to provide no good, take into account the possibilities of other investments in the financial market. With this many financial institutions in the United Kingdom, you are bound to get a good yield off your investment.…

Remembering vital points when Applying for First Payday Loans

26 Oct

consumer-loansMoney is an important aspect of human life. Though there is a saying that the best things in life are for free, things in the modern world are fast changing. People need money for everything, be it education, food, clothing, entertainment or medical facilities. It is important to have a good amount of cash in the savings account to meet the uncalled for expenses. Life is very uncertain and no one knows when danger might show its ugly face. Things must not stop for the dearth of money. This loan has gradually become an integral part for the USA citizen in respect of Finance.

But what if you suddenly find yourself out of cash in the hour of need? The answer is simple. Just apply for first payday loans and get the amount that will help you to recover.quick-10-second-loan-630-x389_20150923211620_pf

Payday is a short term loan that will provide you with the needed amount. There is a certain rate of interest that you must pay in addition to the original amount, which you have borrowed. There are different time slabs too, within which one needs to pay back the entire amount. The main aspect is that you need to pay the stipulated fee only when the payday arrives.

The first thing that strikes a person, before applying for a loan is the credit score. Many banks decline from providing loans to people who have bad credit score. Applying for first payday loans is the only way out for people like that. The money lenders will not judge you on this parameter. When you make the refund of the borrowed amount, on the payday, your credit score will develop.

unsecured-personal-loansBanks require a lot of documentation while sanctioning a loan. This can be a cause of worry for many who do not have authentic documentation. In the case of payday loans, you will not need to produce many documents. All that the money lender needs to know whether you have a job under the government, and you get a fixed salary, on a specific day.

Banks and other financial institutes will take a significant amount of time for processing the unsecured loan application. This is because they need to verify the documents, which the applicant has provided them with. With this loan, the applicant will not have to wait for long in order to receive the cash. Due to the lack of detailed documentation, the request can be passed within a few hours.absa-loans-loan-banking-financing

If you are incapable of going to the banks or other money lending institutes then fear not. With the advent of money lenders, who offer their services online, one can get hold of the loan from the comfort of their living rooms. Payday loans have come as a boon for many. It is easy to get and offers lot of conveniences as well. So, next time, apply for this loan, when you are in dire need of money.